Find a BWRT Practitioner

All our practitioners are required to complete a thorough assessment process before they go into practice. They are properly insured professional therapists able to work with a great number of presenting issues, and all have other skills at their disposal for the rare occasion when BWRT® may not be ideally suited for your needs.

Face to Face or Online

BWRT® works every bit as well online, even by telephone, as it does in a face-to-face setting, so wherever you are in the world and how you prefer to work, BWRT® is available for you!

Find a BWRT Practitioner

To find your ideal practitioner, head on over to our practitioners page at:

  • Choose the difficult you want to work with from the dropdown ‘By difficulty’ list
  • Choose you country/area from the dropdown ‘Region’ list
  • Type anything in the search box, including your difficulty or the town where you live

And if you have any questions, you can contact us directly via the Contact page on this site.

Looking for more Information about BWRT?

For a detailed explanation of BWRT, the therapy, training, testimonials and more  please visit our dedicated BWRT portal at