BWRT® in the Media

BWRT has been featured many times in various media, some of which are listed here:

Summer SAD:  Does the hot and sunny weather make you feel a bit… miserable? This could be why

Psychreg:  New Course Aims to Build Resilience in Generation Z

Grazia:  The BWRT® NET fitness programme  featured in Grazia magazine May Edition (Page 81)

Thrive Global:  “Articles By BWRT creator Terence Watts”

OK Magazine: “How to overcome needle phobia ahead of your Covid vaccination after Prince Harry was teased for fear of injections.

Connaught Telegraph:  “Mayo therapist uses pioneering therapy to help tackle mental health ticking time bomb”

BDaily Business News:  “Leeds health and fitness therapist sees 50% client increase”

Metro:  “Woman who ate frozen potatoes because she couldn’t wait loses three stone”

Happiful Magazine:  “How to tell a partner you want to attend therapy!”

Metro:  “What to do if you’re at risk of a mental breakdown”

Metro:  “Could people already have PTSD as a result of the pandemic?”

Woman & Home Magazine:  “Why can’t I sleep? An expert reveals what could be keeping you awake at night”

In Refinery29:  The Surprising Benefits Of Warmth For Trauma Survivors”

On UK’s Channel 4 TV: Steph’s Packed Lunch

In the Academic Publication: “The Bright Side of Shame

Presented at the Biological Psychiatrists World Congress: “The Epigenetic Underpinnings of BWRT” 

Daily Mail: Wipeout Lifelong Phobias

The Mail&Guardian: Thought Leader

Top Sante magazine:BrainWorking Recursive Therapy

Wellbeing Magazine: What is BWRT?” & “Phobas & Fears Cured Fast

New Statesman: BWRT®In South Africa

Metro: Binge Eater” & “Covid PTSD BrainWorking Recursive Therapy

Also featured in:

Woman and Home
Marie Claire
Globe Health News
Daily Mirror
& other publications

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