About BWRT®

BWRT was created in 2011 by Terence Watts, MCGI, a UK Psychotherapist. Terence has more than 35,000 hours experience working with clients, has written around twenty-seven professional books and almost as many professional training courses.  He has lectured and taught in many parts of the world, including the USA and Asia.

BWRT is his proudest and most successful innovation and provides an innovative style of working for therapists in which there is no need for endless trawling through your life to discover the reason(s) for your difficulties.


Turning Psychology on it's head

In the past, the majority of professional therapists – including Terence himself – would have told you it was essential to discover the underlying causes of symptoms to get well and stay well.  But there is one thing to realise about BWRT®; it turns the whole previous model of psychology on its head!  Instead of trying to find out why a problem got started, BWRT® goes straight to how and resolves the issue ‘at source’.

“It’s a bit like dealing with water flowing from a hose pipe. You can bung the end up and hope the pressure doesn’t cause a sudden blow up or you can turn off the tap.”

BWRT® turns off the tap!


Many experiments going back to the early 1980s have shown that the brain starts to act in response to a stimulus or event at least a half-second before we are aware of what’s happening. But by the time we do notice it, we are already in the grip of it… which is exactly why you cannot just ‘switch off’ anxiety or depression. Or a dependency come to that. What you’re trying to stop has already happened!  But BWRT® works directly with the part of the brain that’s doing all that early work and stops it in its tracks.

If you know how you want to feel instead of how you do feel, BWRT® can help you make the change.  And if you’re not really sure how you want to feel, it can help you work that out too!

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